Meet The Team


Karyn Musick - Glotzer

Interior Design Consultant/ President

Karyn has been working as an Interior Design Consultant for the past 25 years. She graduated from the Harrington School of Design in Chicago and has a natural talent for coordinating colors and fabrics. Additionally, she is very experienced in reworking room layouts, arranging furniture, making furniture choices, and adding the right finishing touches that will give your home the beauty and function that you need. Working one-on-one with contractors is second nature to Karyn, whether you are redesigning your kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in your home, her talent and Knowledge will guide you through the process successfully.


  Jennifer Foleno

Senior Interior Design Consultant

  Allison Brooks

Interior Design Consultant

 Aldo Mazza

Interior Design Consultant

 Jordyn Glotzer

Interior Design Assistant & Marketing


 Brandon Stiner 

Marketing Director


 Elizabeth Berkley

Office Manager