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Our Story

Divas N' Design Interior Design Group is a full service Interior Design Firm, founded in 2001 by Chicago Interior Designer, Karyn Musick-Glotzer. Our passion for creating stylish and affordable spaces is matched by the efficiency and creativity that we bring to every project. We believe that every design project is a "tri-relationship" between the Client, Interior Designer and Project Scope. The collaboration and combination of the "tri-relationship", dictates the success of the end result.

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime and as humans, we naturally become emotionally attached to our environment and all of the elements that become part of it. We often become challenged by trying to pull everything all together and then asking ourselves "is this the right fit for the space" or "does this piece work with the design scheme" or "are we just wasting our time and money" to find out that it doesn't work at all. Eventually, it ends up being an emotional and financial drain!

This is where a professional Interior Design Consultant can help you. We will take you though the process from start to finish, alleviating any stress or concerns, while making complex decisions without making costly mistakes. Your end result should be nothing less then outstanding... and this is why our story continues!

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